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RTN permit for technical devices (ROSTECHNADZOR)

EMC CENTRE provides services for Industrial safety expertise and obtaining RTN Permit to Use (permission to operate hazardous equipment/technical devices).

Federal Law No.116-FZ dated 21.07.1997 "Industrial safety in hazardous environment" governs all relevant issues.


RTN Permit to Use is required for hazardous equipment and devices to be used in industrial installations where the following hazardous materials and devices are used: 

  • Inflammable materials;
  • Oxidizing agents;
  • Fuels, explosives;
  • Toxic materials;
  • Eco-hazardous materials;
  • Equipment with working pressure above 0.07 MPa (0.7 kgf/cm2) or temperature above 115 °С;
  • Round-trip equipment, escalators, funiculars, lifts;
  • Equipment used in ferrous and nonferrous industry;
  • Mining equipment for use underground.

There are 3 types of RTN:

  1. RTN for single device;
  2. RTN for delivery;
  3. RTN for equipment in mass production.

RTN is valid for 5 years (mass production) or equipment life time (single device).

rtnFederal Law No. 22-FZ dated 4 March 2013 enacted some amendments to Industrial Safety issues. In particular, Clause 7 of Federal Law No.116-FZ was reviewed. According to those changes, requirements for hazardous equipment and its assessment are governed by Federal Law for Technical Regulation.

Starting from 1st January 2014 Industrial Safety expertise is compulsory for hazardous facility as follows (unless Technical Regulation otherwise stated):

  • Prior to starting operations;
  • After service life is expired or quantity of load cycles established by Manufacturer is exceeded;
  • In case there is no information on service life in technical documentation and effective life in use exceeds 20 years;
  • Modifications were made to equipment or refurbishment took place after breakdown or incident.

Federal Rules and Regulations admit neglecting of the expertise for experimental usage providing all process parameters are met. The conditions and procedures of such an omittence are described in relevant Regulations.

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