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GOFA (Germany)

For more than 5 decades we have been serving our customers globally with products that are leading in terms of technology and quality "engineered & made in Germany".
We combine the strengths of a small German enterprise with the worldwide corporate network of the Chart Industries Group, which is the world market leader in cryogenic investment goods.

In 1962 GOFA was founded as manufacturer of pressure tank vehicles by Heinrich Janssen. From the very beginning GOFA has produced vehicles for liquids and bulk goods as tank bodies, semi trailers or trailers with vessels made of carbon and stainless steel as well as aluminium.

In a very short time GOFA became a major European manufacturer. In the seventies the product range was been expanded to include CO2 and LPG semi trailers.

Since the early eighties the whole production portfolio has been available in versions like containers or swap bodies, too. In 1985 the first unit for the transport of cryogenic gases was delivered. Soon GOFA also become one of the largest manufacturers in this sector. In the nineties GOFA expanded its product range with cryogenic designs for flammable gases like LNG or Ethylene. Since the year 2000 GOFA has been producing outer and/or inner vessels from aluminium also in the cryogenic gas sector. Here our experience over decades with ADR aluminium pressure tanks in other product sectors serves as an important technologic basis.

Today GOFA is an internationally established and market-leading manufacturer of pressure tank vehicles. GOFA offers a full range of semi trailers, trailers, containers, swap bodies as well as fixed bodies in the product areas gas (cryogenic air gases, flammable cryogenic gases, CO2, LPG and other gases), liquids (chemicals, food) and bulk. Designs for all European countries and standards as well as for many other countries and regions are available.

The high grade and the durability of the products with a simultaneous excellent payload are highly regarded in the market. Our high flexibility during the realization of all customer-specific projects and requests in connection with our rapid reaction time is unique.

Every day GOFA is going to become more international. The customer base spreads far beyond the European borders by now. Our customer group ranges from global players as well as large and small medium-sized enterprises to the freight forwarder driving by himself.