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Certificate of Metrology

EMC CENRE provides services for introducing measuring tools data into the State Register issuing Certificate of Metrology (approval of measuring tool type).

Certificate of Metrology verifies measuring tool conformity to State standards and its approval for use on Russian Federation territory.


Federal Law No.102-FZ "Uniformity of Measurements" dated 26.06.2008 governs general requirements for measuring tools.

Certificate of Metrology is required for measuring tools used in national security, health care, trade, and accounting:

  • Health care, veterinary medicine, environment protection, labor safety;
  • Trading, buyer-seller relationship including slot machines operations;
  • State accounting;
  • National defense (security);
  • Land-surveying and hydrometeorological operations, seismology;
  • Banking, taxing, customs and postal operations;
  • Production for Government contracts;
  • Quality verification and control for conforming to State Standards requirements;
  • Products and services Statutory Certification;
  • Handling of work for Supreme Court, Office of Public Prosecutor, Court of Arbitration and State Authorities of Russian Federation;
  • World and national sport records registration.

metrologyCertificate of Metrology is issued by Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) according to Administrative Regulation approved by Ministry for Industry and Trade of Russian Federation (Directive No.970 dated 25.06.2013).

Prior to issuing Certificate of Metrology, measuring tools are tested by State Metrology Centers recognized by Rosstandart. After that the Certificate is introduced into State Register of Measuring Tools controlled by Rosstandart.

Certificate of Metrology is valid for 5 years. Certificates for single-unit production do not have time limitations.

The term of validity of Certificate may be prolonged for another 5 years by order of Rosstandart; no additional tests are required. This can be done by sending a letter from the holder and presenting all required documentation. The prolongation is permitted if no claims have been made by users for the considered tool.

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