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GOST-R Declaration of Conformity

The same as Certificate of Conformity, Declaration of Conformity is the part of GOST-R Certification System.

Introduction of Declaration of Conformity had been made in 1998, when Federal Law "Certification of Products and Services" was annexed with the clause on replacing mandatory certification with declaration.
Russian Federation Government Decree No.766 dated 07 July 1999 ratified the list of the products that could be certified by Declaration of Conformity as well as relevant procedures.  Declaration of Conformity became popular in 2010 after Customs authorities approved that document for the use for customs clearance operations. 


The presence of two legally equal forms of mandatory certification meets EU proceedings. Mandatory certification by accredited entities is required for the most dangerous (potential danger level) products. It is allowed to use a form of declaration by manufacturer or importer for benign products.

The core distinction between above mentioned forms is in party responsible for product safety: in case of Certificate of Conformity the certification entity shall be liable; in case of Declaration of Conformity it is an applicant who takes on responsibility.

Russian Federation Government Decree No.982 dated 01.12.2009 consolidates the list of products and services that are subject to mandatory certification (in GOST System or other) in the form of Declaration of Conformity.

The same Decree consolidated the list of products that are subject to mandatory certification in the form of GOST-R Certificate of Conformity. These lists are mutually exclusive, i.e. in case a product is enlisted in one of them, it cannot be mentioned in the other.

The lists are amended annually and EMC CENTRE monitors any changes carefully. At present a lot of products have been passed to the Declaration of Conformity category.

In contrast to Certificate of Conformity, no pre-printed form is provided for Declaration of Conformity; it is processed on conventional A4 sheet according to recommendations. The document has to be registered in accredited certification entity.

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