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GOST-R Certificate of Conformity

GOST-R System is the first Russian mandatory certification system. The main documents of GOST-R System are Certificate of conformity and Declaration of Conformity that serves to confirm products' compliance to safety regulations according to established standards. 

The certification procedures had been introduced in the beginning of 1990s; they were based on State Standards System (GOSTs). Present legislation is substituting GOSTs with National Technical Regulations and with Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (starting 2012). In this connection, products liable for new Regulations are exempt from the mandatory certification in GOST-R System.

gost-r-certFor years this type of certification was considered the major one for the reason it was compulsory for customs clearance, among other things. Rosstandart established GOST-R Certification System and manages it. The range of application is defined in the form of "Nomenclature..." or "List..." of products according to National Product Classification Code and relevant State Standards

For imported products' operations Federal Customs Service (FCS) established the Customs Commodity Codes (Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System).   Since National Product Classification Codes and Customs Commodity Codes do not match, controversial situations take place rather often.

In case Customs Commodity Code says a product has to go through a mandatory certification, but National Product Classification Code admits opposite, an official confirmation had to be presented to Customs authority (so called "letter of waiver") verifying an imported product is not subject to mandatory certification in GOST-R System. Different entities used to have an authority to issue such a letter: Russian Research Institute for Certification or Ministry of Trade, but at present there is no official entity liable for such a service.

Thus, EMC CENTRE objective is to help our clients to avoid Customs claims by advising all necessary documentation required.

Certification procedures of GOST-R System may differ. Firstly, the decision has to be made either to make Certificate for a single delivery or for a mass production.

Single delivery Certificate is much simpler to get at fewer prices, however it is valid for one specific shipment only. This type of certification is for random import operations.
In case:

  1. Contract with Russian buyer has not been signed yet (pre-contract certification);
  2. More than one shipment is expected;
  3. Complicated supply chain is used and a broker company requires Certificate before the product is shipped - we advise to get Certificate for mass production.


The other name of GOST-R Certificate is RST Certificate or Rostest Certificate. It may be issued on basis of certification tests performed by accredited laboratories only. If Russian legislation requires a specific product has to be certified in any other Certification System (Fire Safety Certificate, Certificate of State Registration), the latter Certificate is to be acquired at the outset. The reference numbers of other Certificates have to be incorporated into GOST-R Certificate. 

GOST-R System has a hierarchical structure and consists of five levels:

  1. Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology that is on top of Russian Certification System.
  2. Main entities of specific Certification System; in case of GOST-R - branch boards of Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology.
  3. Accredited Certification Centers authorized to issue approvals (EMC CENTRE).
  4. Accredited testing laboratories authorized to carry out certification tests for certain products and to produce tests' protocols.
  5. Applicants (sellers, producers) willing to confirm their products' compliance in GOST-R System.