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Fire Safety Certificate

Fire Safety Certificate confirms product compliance to requirements on fire safety established in Russian Federation. Fire Safety includes following conceptions: fire-proof efficiency,  fire resistance, gas- and smoke-tightness, flame propagation etc.

The Federal Law «Technical Regulation on Fire Safety requirements» No.123-FZ dated 22.07.2008 governs all issues regarding fire safety certification.

Procedures for getting Fire Safety Certificate, from applying to authoritative entity to inspections of certified products are defined in Clause 147.


Besides above mentioned Regulation, there are some other Acts governing fire safety issues. For example, GOST R 53315-2009 "Cables. Fire Safety Requirements" contains information on cables rating as well as recommended areas of use depending on their type and more.  Fire Safety Requirements (hyperlink) have the cables ranking according to fire hazards and recommendations on areas of use considering their types and other parameters.  

Basic Fire Safety parameters of electrical cables


Cables’ marking

Governing Act

1. Flame retardence

Prefix "нг"

GOST 12176, Part 3, Category "А"
(GOST R IEC 332-3-96)

2. Emission of smoke and gas

Prefix "LS" (low smoke)

IEC 61034, Parts 1 and 2

3. Corrosive properties of gas and smoke

Prefix "HF" (halogen free)

GOST R IEC 60754, Part 2

4. Fire resistance

Prefix "FR" (fire resistance)

IEC 60331-11; IEC 60331-24



The list of products (with Customs Commodity codes) subject to mandatory certification is determined by Russian Federation Government Decree No.241 dated 17.03.2009. Basically, there are 4 categories:

  1. Facilities and equipment for fire fighting, fire detection and control;
  2. Electrical products (almost all types of cables, automatic circuit breakers);
  3. Materials (PVC panels, decorative panels and heat-insulating materials);
  4. Structural elements (splitters, fire safety screens, cable conduits);

Fire Safety Certificate is required for the customs clearance. The list of products to have Fire Safety Certificate for customs clearance is determined in Government Decree No.140 dated 17.03.2009.

fire-safetyProcedures for confirmation of products' compliance to fire safety regulations may differ. The choice between different certification schemes depends on the period of validity (1-5 years) and either the product is manufactured in mass production or craft production. Cost and time of certification may also vary.

The decision making to issue Fire Safety Certificate is based upon comprehensive analysis of test protocol, state of production (if it is defined in certification scheme) and other documents confirming products' compliance.

EMC CENTRE advices its clients to make optimal cost effective choice for certification.  Sometimes we offer to undergo a simplified procedure to get a Certificate allowing import and to advance to the Certificate for sales on Russian Federation territory later.

It is prudent to make Declaration of Conformity to fire safety requirements if it is not mandatory to get Fire Safety Certificate.

But legislation admits (Clause 10 of Regulation) changing the way to confirm products' compliance from Declaration to Certificate upon applicants’ request.

Draft Regulation "Requirements for Fire Safety and Firefighting equipment" was established in 2011. The Draft Regulation determines consistent requirements for free movement of Fire Safety and Firefighting equipment on the Customs Union territory. The Regulation is applicable for new products cleared on the territory of Customs Union regardless of the country of origin. 

Full text of the Draft Regulation can be found in Documents section (hyperlink).








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