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Certificate of State registration (ROSPOTREBNADZOR)

Certificate of State Registration

Certificate of State Registration (CSR) is the official confirmation of the products' conformity to sanitary, epidemiological and overall requirements of Customs Union:  Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan. CSR allows import and sales on Customs Union territory.


After the Decision of the Customs Union Commission No.314 dated 17.08.2010 came into force, previously issued certificates (before 01.07.2010) became void.

Since 01st July 2010 new type of Certificates has been issued, valid for all member countries of the Customs Union.

The Commission of the Customs Union ratified Consolidated List of the products and their related sanitary and epidemiological requirements. The said List consists of two Chapters:

Chapter 1 - products that are subject to sanitary and epidemiological control; 
 Chapter 2 - products liable to mandatory state registration process.  
               At present State Registration is required for a variety of products:

  1. Mineral water, tonics, spirits including wine and beer;
  2. Foods for particular nutritional uses including nutrition for pregnant women and diet food;
  3. Food containing GMO;
  4. Food additives;
  5. Cosmetics;
  6. Products for disinfection;
  7. Household chemical goods;
  8. Potentially hazardous chemical and biological products;
  9. Products for water treatment;
  10. Products for personal hygiene;
  11. Products for plates and dishes excluding tableware for dining facilities and technological equipment.

    State Registration includes:

•    Audit of manufacturers' documents and their check against relevant requirements;
•    Inspection of production conditions and terms of delivery;
•    Laboratory tests (if required);
•    Including products and their manufacturers unto the State Register of food products;
•    CSR issuance.

rospotrebCSR is issued by Federal Service on Surveillance for Consumer rights protection and human well-being (Rospotrebnadzor) that has Federal Department for high-priority products and Regional Departments - for the rest.

EMC CENTRE provides CSR for any product; we have direct connections with both Departments.    

There are two categories of applicants for CSR:

  • Manufacturer of the product produced on the territory of Customs Union;
  • Foreign Company or Importer in case the production is abroad.

EMC CENTRE advices its clients with the list of all required documentation according to products' unique features.

CSR is non-expiring and valid on all territory of the Customs Union.

If CSR is not required, Rospotrebnadzor issues expert report. It is also possible to complete an explanatory letter, confirming product compliance to present sanitary and epidemiological requirements (in case a product belongs to Chapter 1 of Consolidated List).



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