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Certificate of conformity Kazakhstan (GOST-K)

GOST-K is the State Standard System adopted in the Republic of Kazakhstan. This system is similar to Russian Standard System GOST-R.


Kazakhstan joined Customs Union on 01 January 2010; Common Free Market Zone with Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus was formed. At present unified technical regulations system is being formed within the frame of Eurasian Union (link to Eurasian Union section). Verification of Conformity for products not covered by CU Regulations in the Republic of Kazakhstan is carried out by either mandatory or voluntary certification. 
Republic of Kazakhstan Government Decree No. 367 "Mandatory certification in the Republic of Kazakhstan" dated 20 April 2005 consolidated the list of products liable to mandatory certification.
State Committee of Ministry of Industry and New Technology on Technical Regulation, Metrology and Certification governs all issues relevant to public services in the area of technical regulations in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
kzThe list of products that are subject to mandatory certification in the Republic of Kazakhstan:

  • Farming machinery and equipment;
  • Electrical, radio and electronic equipment;
  • Heating appliances and machinery using solid, liquid ans gaseous fuel;
  • Woodworking equipment;
  • Constructional materials and structures;
  • Light industry equipment;
  • Medical equipment, veterinary equipment and public health products;
  • Fuels;
  • Equipment for hazardous production;

Obtaining GOST-K Certificate of Conformity is one of the compulsory conditions to allow products' usage (imported as well as home equipment) in the territory of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Procedures for imported products' certification is similar to home equipment. The decision to recognize foreign certificates is made by previously mentioned Committee. Documents required for such a recognition are presented in importer's language, Russian language and Kazakh language.


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