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At the request of the Caterpillar Energy Solutions Gmbh (Germany) EMC CENTRE has registered gas generators TM CAT and MWM, types TCG, CG in the register…
The requirements for equipment   (certification, declaration, the lack of requirements) have a graphical visualization depending on the type and characteristics of the equipment. Instructions for…
Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology (ROSSTANDART) developed a consolidated information list of products subject to mandatory conformity.
On January 1, 2015 came into force on the technical regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of wheeled vehicles" Technical Regulations of the…

EMC CENTRE boasts more than 20 years’ experience in international consulting. Our main area of expertise is certification of industrial equipment and machinery imported to Russia and other CIS countries, in accordance with the local Technical Regulations (TR CU certificate); foremost - the certification of industrial products and machinery import. More than 500 companies from 20 countries have become our valuable clients (please see the list in OUR CLIENTS section).

Today EMC CENTRE is a full service certification bureau providing solutions for importing and operating industrial equipment in Russia and other Customs Union countries.  We provide our clients with the whole range of services relating to delivery and commissioning of equipment and give you the choice of requesting a full set of regulatory clearances or just preparation of specific documents.

The full list of EMC CENTRE services can be found in SERVICES section.

The diagram below shows our operational scheme. 



Upon receiving a request from potential client our staff makes careful study of all requirements for customs clearance, trading and operation of specified product/equipment in Russia and Customs Union countries. After that the list of required documentation is composed. For example, for cables importing it is necessary to rank them according to the nominal voltage value. Cables with nominal voltage up to 1000V require Certificate of Compliance to Law Voltage Directive. Besides, for some products (marked "halogen free", "non-combustible material" etc.) it is compulsory to get Fire Safety Certificate.

The Regulations themselves are quite extensive, but the requirements for inspections, assessments and technical documentation are even more complex.

EMC CENTRE, being a qualified agency, considers all possible alternatives to get the ultimate solution for its client, which, for example, may include engaging special laboratories or experts. Metaphorically speaking, we invite for "inside tender" to make an ideal commercial offer matching the major criteria of EMC CENTRE:  high quality cost effective services.

It is also important to take into consideration that all statutes, rules and regulations are subject to periodical reviews and amendments. EMC CENTRE staff is notable for its competency and profound experience, allowing us to follow closely these changes. We will ensure that your documents comply with the latest amendments to any local legislation.               

According to the latest Technical Regulations legislation, foreign manufacturers are obliged to have an authorized representative that is resident in the Customs Union territory, to be responsible for products' safety.   

Upon clients' request EMC CENTRE is ready to act as such a representative.

Under the terms of our agreement, which includes a non-disclosure clause, the client is able to choose any range of services: from formal representation to a full r

ange of services including certification and follow-up technical and informational support.

Our clients can be confident that EMC CENTRE is a reliable partner to do business in Russia and Customs Union countries. We are professionals who meet the challenges and value our business relationships and our long established reputation.